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Resin & CaCO3 Systems

In both flexible or rigid pvc applications, Resin will need to be accurately weighed and conveyed throughout the blending system. Conveying material from outdoor silos to indoor receivers needs be properly done. Line sizes, Receivers, and Blower Packages that are inaccurately sized can be detrimental to running an efficient system.

When Calcium Carbonate or Clay are brought into the picture, sizing your equipment properly and providing the proper accessories becomes even more important. Silos, Hoppers, and Receivers need to be equipped with the proper easy flow devices to insure that material does not hang up or bind during transfer. 

Vibratory Bin Discharger

CaCO3 Silo with Bin Discharge

Stainless Steel Hopper

Stainless Steel Resin & CaC03 Hoppers